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Opportunity Beyond Borders: YMCA World Service Campaign

Did you know that the Y is in 119 countries? ? Like Ys in the U.S., Ys around the globe respond to community need with programs and services that help people to reach their full potential.

YMCA of the USA's World Service Campaign raises support for the powerful work of Ys worldwide, which often operate in challenging environments. Your support empowers these Ys to help more people overcome barriers such as poverty, illiteracy, or chronic disease, by providing them with access to the building blocks of self-determination: social inclusion, quality education and health services, safe spaces for personal growth and leadership development, and employment and livelihood support.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover what they can achieve. When you give to World Service, you help YMCAs reduce barriers and provide opportunities for more individuals, children and families to thrive. To learn more, download the campaign brochure or email


You can donate to World Service in three easy ways:

  • Telephone
    800-872-9622, extension 8177

Join the Movement for Global Good

When you support YMCA World Service, you are strengthening a global Movement that is dedicated to advancing equity and inclusion for all. In 119 countries, Ys are tackling society's most pressing issues like poverty, educational disparities, conflict, and shrinking support networks, which prevent people--and communities--from reaching their full potential. Below are just a few of the many ways Ys are reducing barriers and providing opportunities for more people to thrive worldwide.

IN PERU... WOMEN WORK LONGER HOURS THAN MEN AND EARN 30% LESS. The Peru YMCA supports women's economic development by helping them start their own businesses and earn an income to provide for their families.

IN SOUTH AFRICA...63% OF CHILDREN LIVE IN POVERTY. The South Africa YMCA helps more than 20,000 vulnerable youth at risk of conflict with the law through educational enrichment, financial education and juvenile justice programs.

IN LEBANON...20% OF THE POPULATION IS SYRIAN REFUGEES, INCREASING THE NEED FOR HEALTH SERVICES. The Lebanon YMCA provides life-saving medical supplies and services to nearly 190,000 refugees from neighboring countries and underserved Lebanese who might not otherwise have access to healthcare.

IN SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE...THERE ARE MORE THAN 3 MILLION REFUGEES AND PEOPLE INTERNALLY DISPLACED BY CONFLICT* The Georgia and Armenia YMCAs use camps to promote peace and reconciliation by bringing youth from different backgrounds who are internally displaced, refugees or from countries in conflict. *Number includes Georgia, Armenia and the neighboring countries of Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

N CAMBODIA...THERE ARE NEARLY 20,000 STREET CHILDREN IN THE CITY OF PHNOM PENH. The Cambodia YMCA provides free meals and quality education including computer training to homeless children in Phnom Penh. The Y provides a unique safe haven where vulnearable kids can learn, play and thrive.


The collective efforts of the global Y Movement to lift up vulnerable individuals and families creates more cohesive, economically stable, and secure communities worldwide. Support YMCA World Service and join our Movement for global good!

Photo and Video Gallery

View a short video or our photo gallery to learn how World Service is changing lives worldwide.


2017 World Service Campaign Brochure
Download the 2017 World Service Campaign Brochure









Our Commitment to You

A minimum of 85 cents of every dollar contributed to World Service goes to help Ys worldwide serve those in need. Funded programs are approved by the International Committee of the YMCA of the USA's Board of Directors. Grants are managed by members of the YMCA of the USA International Group who have a proven track record of implementing high-quality programs, an in-depth knowledge of each region's history, and trusted relationships with local leaders. All World Service and other international contributions are administered by YMCA of the USA, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation chartered in the state of Illinois. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and are acknowledged in writing.

THANK YOU to the thousands of friends and contributors who generously offer their time and resources each year to continue the Y's charitable legacy worldwide.

Contact World Service

For more information on World Service call 800-872-9622 or email


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