Five Afterschool Activities for Election Season

Posted by: Jackie Thurnau

This Election Day will be one to remember and it’s important that youth share in the excitement. Plus, engaging youth in age-appropriate political discourse supports a healthy development journey and nurtures civically-responsible future generations.

Kids working at activity table with afterschool program employee.

Who knows, maybe YOU could inspire a future President of the United States!

Although the children in your care may be too young to vote, here are a few fun ways to bring civic engagement into your afterschool space:

  1. Elections: Everything You Need: Students can use these resources to study elections and participate in one of their own elections.

  2. Election: Teacher Resources: Printable lessons, activities and fact sheets on the U.S. electoral process and its history makers. Explore election requirements for the federal government with students and find great ways for students to get involved in local politics, like holding classroom debates or writing letters to representatives. Units on civil rights and women's history will benefit from resources on the American suffrage movement.

  3. Election Scavenger Hunt: Engage youth in a fun search through news clippings and get creative about the red, white and blue in your own space by introducing a colorful art project to the hunt.

  4. Children’s Books for Election Season: Have these books readily available for readers to learn about how presidents are elected and votes are counted.

  5. Hands-on classroom activities on electioneering, campaigning and ballot casting to educate future voters on the U.S. electoral system.

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